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Web Design Time Savers. Take a breath and tool up!

I have learned that saving a few minutes here and there, on my ritualistic web design activities, I ended up saving  many weeks worth of design hours.   In short, if you are spending more time on crunching than on designing…you are no longer a web designer, you are a cruncher.

While working on a design project, I caught myself foolishly saying “I have no time to look for “Time-Saver” tools because I have to meet my projects deadline”.  I decided to step back for a day to explore what kind of time saving tools were available to web designers.  I discovered a great blog post by Vitaly Friedman at  The only regret that I have about “tooling up” is that I didn’t read a post like this sooner.

Spend more time on designing, not “crunching”.

Web Browsers

Vitaly Friendman at says,

“Being a web designer is not easy. Not only do we need to have a good understanding about visual design, typography, information architecture, psychology and a plethora of other disciplines; in our work, we need to take care of so many details, so that our job becomes more and more time-consuming, requiring dozens of tools, attention span and an effective workflow for beautiful, timely and functional results…”continue reading.


2 responses to “Web Design Time Savers. Take a breath and tool up!

  1. Link Building July 2, 2010 at 10:10 am

    Really good points, nice article that i enjoyed reading. Look forward to your next post.

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