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Twitter Is Hiring, And In A Really Awesome Way

by Alexia Tsotsis on Aug 9, 2010

As we wrote earlier this morning, Twitter seems to be aggressively hiring. Perhaps it’s this awesome Rushmore-inspired “Meet The Class Of Twitter HQ” recruitment video compelling people to join the flock?

Highlights: The “sudo make me a website” command, the footage of actual Twitter employees cutting and pasting tweets representing “Research” as well as the people just staring into their phones for “Mobile.” Noticeably absent is the Twitter executive team.  Here’s the Wes Anderson version below in case anyone wanted to compare. Or apply.
Update: Twitter explains the dearth of executives.

“The employees are the stars at Twitter, and that’s who we focused on in the video (which was conceived, scripted and directed by employees). There wasn’t time to show everyone in the spot, so not every team is covered (no communications team, either. ;)”

via Twitter Is Hiring, And In A Really Awesome Way.


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