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What is the Average StumbleUpon User Like based on Analytics?

So far this site has received 89,309 visitors from Stumbleupon. This is a pretty big sample that enables me to find some commonalities among users and broadly profile the average StumbleUpon user. I’ve used Google Analytics as my tool of choice for getting the data.

Where are StumbleUpon users from?

StumbleUpon has more international audience compared to sites like Digg (where 90%+ of people are from Northern America.) It’s different for Stumbleupon:

what region are stumbleupon users from

For Americas, most of them are from US. But what about Europe?


I didn’t expect Northern Europe will be that high on the list.

What browser do Stumbleupon users use?

The data gives a clear picture:


Internet Explorer = a miserable failure here. There’s a Stumbleupon toolbar for IE, yet almost nobody uses it. Chrome is gaining in popularity. Firefox is the king on the throne. 93%!!!

Do Stumblers use the latest Flash version?


Yes. What about Java, do they have Java support?

java support stumbleupon

Oh well, not really. Another explanation is that many of them might have NoScript installed which is blocking JavaScript.

What operating system do Stumbleupon users have?


The surprising part to me is about mobile. There was 1 visits each from iPhone and iPad. 2 visitors in total from a sample of 89.000 users! Seems StumbleUpon needs to make it more convenient for its users to use the toolbar on their mobile phones.

Stumbleupon + Safari on the Mac?


Uh, Safari = miserable failure (with IE.) There are some tricks to get StumbleUpon running on Safari, though. Still, not many people are willing to use Safari for stumbling on Mac.

Are most Stumblers using widescreen monitors?

To answer this question, we need to take a look at the screen resolution (certain screen resolutions like 1280×800 are not used on full screen monitors):


From this data, we can estimate that around 72% of Stumblers use widescreen monitor compared to 18% who use full screen monitors. I didn’t count the last one (1024×600) which is mostly used on laptops and netbooks.

How old are Stumbleupon users?

I’ve used Quantcast (which is pretty accurate) to get this data:


Be aware this data is only for United States. It shouldn’t be very different for other countries, though, considering the fact most sites attract similar audiences (especially for sex and the age group.)

So, based on all of the data above, we can now make a profile of the average Stumbleupon user:



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