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Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The Death of Final Cut Pro.

UPDATE 9/8/2011 Apple back selling the old version of Final Cut Pro…thanks!

After spending the day brainstorming with various high level technologist’s in the entertainment industry,  I have concluded that Apple has decided to offline the development and support of its professional editing application Final Cut ProCheck out this article for more information about Apple users complaining about Final Cut Pro X being lean. 

Forget the Decade of Apple customer loyalty to Final Cut Pro.  Apple has gone the way of the North Koreans on this one.   Final Cut Pro was  like another failed desert war, “long-term and no hope for victory”. 

All the hopes and dreams of the creative community that were riding on the shoulders of apple as a platform are now being sold down the river for bottom line profit margins.  When you tell the consumer it’s too expensive to develop and support a professional Editing Suite you are telling them you are giving up on a huge community.  Creativity will be stifled until editors complete the  migration to Avid and Adobe Premier, because that’s all we seem to have left at this time.

Could there be a deal coming between Avid and Steve Jobs?  Only time will tell.  We’re watching and speculating to the best of our knowledge.  Technologist at the highest levels of knowledge in the Entertainment Industry, are in agreement that this is happening with Apple.  Let’s see what unfolds.

It looks like Bill Gates might have had it right.  It’s always been PC and will remain  so for the foreseeable future.    Who’s going to be the next to use a form of Free Unix as an operating system and make you pay for it.

As our Chief Scientist Robert Haussmann at nanotechniq says “Go Jobsy, you are a marketing Genius”.

More information is coming as we analyze the data….


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