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Infographic: How often do criminals use social media technology?

Are criminals using technology like Facebook, Twitter, Google Street View and/or Foursquare to help them commit their crimes?   Click here to visit original post.


Sony Sell Laptops & Sears finds employees via twitter.

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Dell turned heads last year when it announced it sold $6.5 million worth of computers via Twitter. Since then, a few companies have tried to replicate this feat – in some cases with clear success. The larger question, though, is not so much how can a company use Twitter to sell – but rather, what other uses can the micro blogging site perform for companies aside from general brand awareness.

Companies can be forgiven, though, if their thoughts first turn to sales. As it happens, using Twitter to make sales has not been easy to accomplish, according the Big Money blog. For a direct-sales company like Dell it is a no-brainer, it said.

Sony: $1.5 Million in Twitter Sales

It was questionable, though, whether big brands that rely on retailers to sell the product could also transact with their Twitter followers without aggravating their business partners. Sony’s European division decided to find out.

It recently offered 1,600 Twitter followers a chance to custom-build their own Sony Vaio laptop and get 10% knocked off from the final sale price. According to Big Money, Sony posted Twitter Vaio sales of more than $1.5 million during the limited-offer period.

Sony is taking a more nuanced approach to Twitter than Dell or other retailers that use it to offer coupons or other bargains. The company wants to maintain its relationship-driven communication with its customers. The dialogue, in other words, is just as important as the sale. That is why the company has no plans to bombard its Twitter followers with generic offers but instead will roll out specialized products “unique enough that will get the community buzzing.”

Dunkin Donuts: Win Free Coffee for a Year

Dunkin Donuts is another company cautiously feeling its way with a sales pitch to Twitter followers, writes the St. Louis Business Journal. The company has started to track dollars from Twitter by tallying the number of people who click through from a “Win Free Coffee For a Year Offer” on Twitter. Also users who enroll in the “DD perks” program are entered into a company database.

The company has a quantitative value for database members, although it will not disclose that number or the Twitter click-through rate, the Journal said.

Sears: Tweeting for Job Applicants

Sears is planning to use the site to post 7,000 job openings at Sears and K-Mart. (via the Los Angeles Times). The job tweets will be posted by, which allows clients to track the number of clicks on the jobs. According to Lance Brolin, a Sears human relations executive, the company wants to see how social media can best meet its employment and advertising needs.

Time Warner Cable: Customer Service Tweets

For the most part, though, companies are using Twitter to generate brand awareness and to follow their customers’ conversations. That has morphed for some firms into customer service outreach. Time Warner Cable just announced a new Online Customer Care Team @TWCablePhil that will use e-mail, Twitter, and other forms of social media to get customers help. Since its initial soft-launch on February 19th, the team has engaged over 1,500 customers via Twitter….continue reading.

Twitter See’s 90 Million Tweets Per Day, 25 Percent Contain Links

At today’s Twitter news event, co-founder Evan WIlliams revealed a number of impressive statistics about the microblogging network. For example, Williams said Twitter is seeing on average 90 million Tweets per day. As you can see from the graph we’ve embedded, this is a significant increase from even a few months ago. Traffic to has grown about 100% this year.

We’re assuming this stat includes Tweets from both and clients. Williams also said that since the beginning of the year Twitter users on mobile devices are up 250%, with 16% of new users starting to use the service on mobile devices. And there are on average 370,000 new sign-ups per day overall.

Addressing privacy, Williams said that 90% of Tweets are available to the public. And 25% of tweets contain links. Last week, Williams wrote in a blog post that Twitter now has over 145 million registered users with nearly 300,000 registered apps in the Twitter ecosystem.

Read more in “Twitter Hatches The New — A New Two-Pane Experience (Live).”

New Announced with Embedded Images and Video | News & Opinion |

Twitter unveiled a new home page design today with an enhanced sidebar that displays images, video, and user profile information without leaving your news stream. The change is notable because is still the most popular way for people to use Twitter: fully 78 percent of all users access the service through the site.

At launch, media content partners include YouTube, Vimeo, Ustream, TwitPic, Flickr and 11 other firms, but Twitter is actively looking to expand its media partners. This content will appear in a sidebar beside a relatively traditional newsfeed.

The new design certainly has more components, but Twitter co-founder Evan Williams says he isn’t worried about making the service overly complicated. “Embedding the media doesn’t make Twitter more complicated,” according to Williams. “It makes it simpler because you don’t have to open up another link.”

Williams says part of the reason for the design is to make it a better tool for consuming information. “You don’t need to tweet to use Twitter, it can be a great way to just get information,” Williams said. There are more than 90 million tweets a day on Twitter and about 25 percent of those tweets have links, he said.

William said they have tried to remove friction through the Twitter experience. “You can scroll endlessly down your feed, there is no more “More” button,” William offers as an example.

The hastily-called press conference we held at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco in front of a crowd of more than a hundred tech journalists. The new site design will launch today, but will roll out to users in stages.

Twitter currently has more than 145 million registered users and experiencing phenomenal growth. At the beginning of the year, the company had 75 million users. That is still dwarfed by Facebook’s more than 500 million users, but it is a significant user base.

A big part of what is driving Twitter’s growth is the mobile space. “Twitter started on mobile. The whole reason for 140 characters was to fit on SMS, but we realized not enough people were getting the full Twitter experience on mobile.”

Williams said that is why the company started building its own applications, first for the iPhone, then for the iPad. And it is driving user-adoption. Since the beginning of the year, Twitter users on mobile are up 250 percent, according to Williams.

Although by all accounts a banner news day for Twitter, the service did lose one of its most avid users. Despite amassing 3.7 million followers, pop music star John Mayer closed and deleted his Twitter account. He will be moving on to Tumblr, a much smaller micro-blogging service.

Tumblr, incidentally, also lets you embed pictures and videos directly into your news feed.

New Announced with Embedded Images and Video | News & Opinion |

Twitter Is Hiring, And In A Really Awesome Way

by Alexia Tsotsis on Aug 9, 2010

As we wrote earlier this morning, Twitter seems to be aggressively hiring. Perhaps it’s this awesome Rushmore-inspired “Meet The Class Of Twitter HQ” recruitment video compelling people to join the flock?

Highlights: The “sudo make me a website” command, the footage of actual Twitter employees cutting and pasting tweets representing “Research” as well as the people just staring into their phones for “Mobile.” Noticeably absent is the Twitter executive team.  Here’s the Wes Anderson version below in case anyone wanted to compare. Or apply.
Update: Twitter explains the dearth of executives.

“The employees are the stars at Twitter, and that’s who we focused on in the video (which was conceived, scripted and directed by employees). There wasn’t time to show everyone in the spot, so not every team is covered (no communications team, either. ;)”

via Twitter Is Hiring, And In A Really Awesome Way.

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