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Protected: Shadow Hills TV Pilot Post Production Rebuild.

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Computer hardware infographic chart.

Found this infographic while Stumbling.

Protected: The Syndication of Online Reputation Destruction.

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Social Media – Which New Platforms Are Worth The Time?

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,  maybe a little Stumble Upon and a few others, rinse and repeat.

After almost 5 years of social media growth, the collective “Social Media Box” has been defined by Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, with support from “discovery/auto-surfing made pretty” sites like Stumble upon etc.   A picture is worth 1000 words so give me a couple minutes to pump out a pic to express myself… see below:

Trapped in a Social Media Box

Considering that Clients have deadlines, budgets and their own personal needs, there seems to be little time to explore new social media platforms.  Actually, I feel burned out on trying out new social media platforms due to the fact that most “New” social media platforms are just a newly dressed knockoff of Facebook, YouTube or twitter.   I have no patience to help someone make a quick buck in the social media “game” by patronizing every new “social media” platform.

I will say that Diaspora has me hopeful.  If Diaspora allows social media crackheads like myself, access to the guts and brain of the platform, I am sure the next phase of the social media revolution will be kicked in high gear.

Hope is still here, but I’m cautious.

If anyone else is feeling like me, I am sure another social media revolution is coming.  It’s time to take this Social Media Experience to the next level.

God Bless Social Media!

Becoming an internet noob…again.

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